Rory Kennett-Lister

Creative Copywriter

I love to write. At least that’s how it started.

But after wrangling my way into a copywriting job to ‘pay the bills’, I realised I like coming up with ideas just as much.

As a result of that minor epiphany, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best creative jockeys and strategy buffs around.

I started in South Australia, where I won AWARD School and plied my developing trade at Nation Creative, under the creative and strategic direction of Geoff Robertson and Greg Knagge.

Freelance creative concept development led me to the employ of Piro in New York, a trailblazing branded content company. There I was able to learn from one of the top advertising creatives in the world, Tim Piper, as well as Daniel Rosenberg, writer and producer of major studio films and television. Some of the work I did while in New York, for clients including Avon and TD Ameritrade, is currently in development

With my fiancé starting a new job, I am currently based in Melbourne.

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Rory KL - Looking a little smug

But wait, there’s more!


Through my work I’ve been able to work with a range of brands, from small not-for-profits to financial institutions and large, complex corporations. This has allowed me to work closely with clients to develop and refine concepts, and equipped me with an understanding of the importance of stakeholder engagement.

Though my passion is creative, I have a very strong understanding of strategy, as I believe the best ideas come about through a marriage of the two. I have had the benefit of fantastic mentorship in traditional media and have worked extensively in these areas. That said, I am excited by working with emerging media, and developing campaigns in a changing advertising environment.

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