Other Writing

In addition to advertising, I also write essays, creative non-fiction and other related weirdness. Please find a selection below. 

Shorter Pieces

An Uncertain Future

You know those example sentences any good dictionary gives you? I decided to find out what happens when you start to collect and link them. Thus, a collaborative work between my dictionary and me. Read it here

Notes on Using Shampoo

A piece for The Lifted Brow, featuring shampoo, Belarus and Free Willy. Read it here

Notes on Infinite Jest

Attempting to explain David Foster Wallace’s work as DFW might try to explain it. For Bumf. Read it here

Notes on Artworks I Fully Intend to Realise

If you can’t make it, write it. A piece for all frustrated artists. And others. Read it here

It Starts With a Short Sentence…

Think you know all there is to know about annoying internet writing? Wait till you read this.

Longer Pieces

Terrain: An Exploration in Two Parts

A piece of creative non-fiction published in Tincture Journal. Read an excerpt here

Intersection: A Novella

Formerly my Creative Writing Honours thesis, Intersection looks at the relationship between fate, free will and storytelling. It’s been a while since I read it, but I’m pretty sure it’s totally worth what it costs ($2.00). Read a review here

Essay: What is Hair?

A simple question, right? Not if I have anything to do with it. This essay for The Lifted Brow looks at the way humanity has dealt with that which sprouts from our bodies, and makes an argument for this obsession as an expression of subconscious angst. Heady stuff. Find it here (paywall)

Likes, Death and Facebook

My thoroughly out-of-date and disproven argument that Facebook’s insistence on positivity would cause its demise. We can’t be right all the time. Read it here